BattleTech review – initially ponderous, then glorious

PC; Harebrained Schemes/Paradox Interactive
Look past the dull presentation for a deeply satisfying war game

BattleTech, a turn-based game of sci-fi warfare in the vein of the deft alien-invasion drama XCOM, can leave a poor first impression on players not well-versed in the plastic robots and cardboard counters of the revered 80s tabletop game. Unfortunately, that impression can endure for hours, but if you can pierce its dour and unhelpful exterior, BattleTech becomes a smart and gripping realisation of what happens when 80-tonne titans clash.

In BattleTech, an enemy mech (a bipedal giant tank piloted by a human) is not merely a mass of health points to be whittled away by your squad’s abundance of missiles, lasers and shells. Instead, it is a walking, massively armoured puzzle. Concentrate fire on a leg to temporarily topple it, on an arm to destroy its most lethal weapon, or on its head to neutralise its driver.

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Source: theguardian
BattleTech review – initially ponderous, then glorious