E3 2019: all the video game news so far

With day two of the E3 video game conference about to begin, here are the biggest stories from Microsoft’s Xbox conference, Bethesda and more

We are in a transitional period for video games: new console technology is right around the corner, but most of the industry’s big players aren’t quite ready to show their cards. Sony has removed itself and the PlayStation from this year’s E3 conference, leaving Microsoft to take centre stage on the first day of this year’s event.

Microsoft announced the next Xbox console, Project Scarlett, albeit with maddeningly few details beyond rather abstract technical specifications. It will be on sale towards the end of 2020, and forms one half of Microsoft’s video game strategy – the other half being a cloud-powered service that lets you play Xbox games anywhere, on any screen. Halo Infinite will be a Project Scarlett launch game – but will also be playable on Xbox One.

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Source: theguardian
E3 2019: all the video game news so far