Fortnite on Android Is Coming Summer 2018

In March 2018, Epic Games announced Fortnite for iOS and Android. Unfortunately for Android owners, Fortnite debuted on iOS. However, Epic Games has now announced when Fortnite is coming to Android. And because we don’t do clickbait, the clue is in the title.

Fortnite is a massive hit at this point. It started life on PC and consoles, and is now available on mobile devices too. And while the game isn’t perfect on mobile, Epic Games is committed to improving the mobile version of Fortnite over the next few months.

When Is Fortnite Coming to Android?

To that end, Epic Games has published a blog post titled State of Mobile. This spells out what new features are being worked on and what improvements are in the offing. And, most excitingly, it reveals when Fortnite is finally coming to Android.

According to Epic Games, Fortnite is coming to Android in Summer 2018. Which (assuming the company is talking about summer in the Northern Hemisphere) means sometime in the next four months. Epic isn’t being anymore specific, but is promising more news soon.

New Features Coming to Fortnite on Mobile

For people already playing the game, in a recent update, Epic has added the ability to customize the HUD. It’s also working on improvements to the gameplay and controls, looking at ways of shrinking the installation, and fixing issues to improve stability.

There are new features on the way too. Epic Games is actively working on bringing voice chat to mobile, adding a battery-saver mode allowing you to choose performance over visuals, and bringing stat-tracking to more players, including those on mobile.

Fortnite Is a High Point for Mobile Gaming

Having played Fortnite on iOS we concluded that Fortnite on mobile is a triumph. In fact, it has set a new high bar for mobile gaming. We can only assume the Android version will be just as good as the iOS version, otherwise Epic might have a revolt on its hands.

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Fortnite on Android Is Coming Summer 2018