How video games are fuelling the rise of the far right | Alfie Bown

Violent, isolationist and misogynist desires course through games – and push rightwing ideologies on players

Donald Trump’s claim, in the aftermath of the Florida school shooting, that these events are the result of violent video games, resurrects old arguments about whether young people emulate the games they play. The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recent decision to consider video game addiction an official illness shows comparable concern. However, these responses demonstrate anxiety about the right things for the wrong reasons.

Gaming cultures are connected to violence – but should be considered in terms of the rise of far right political discourse and the prominence of “alt-right” misogyny and racism. While Trump is firmly on the right and the WHO may embody normative centrism, there is an aspect of gaming that should worry the progressive left.

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In the Bush years, US games endorsed aggressive foreign policy; since Brexit, British games advocate isolationism

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Source: theguardian
How video games are fuelling the rise of the far right | Alfie Bown