We do not need PlayStation 5 in 2018 | Keith Stuart

There are rumours Sony is about to make a big hardware announcement – but it hasn’t wrung the last drops out of PlayStation 4 yet

It has begun. Rumours regarding a possible successor to the PlayStation 4 have been swirling around tech sites and forums for several days, prompting a few bites from larger news outlets. According to some sources, we could see the PlayStation 5 as soon as this winter.

It all started last month, when games writer Marcus Sellars posted a tweet suggesting that PS5 development kits were already being sent out to studios around the world. This was followed last week by subscription-only site Semiaccurate.com claiming to have seen technical details of the machine. According to its report, the PS5 will be based around an AMD accelerated processing unit featuring the manufacturer’s next generation Navi-series GPU and its Zen 2 CPU.

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Source: theguardian
We do not need PlayStation 5 in 2018 | Keith Stuart